Here at Pergam, we are more than a bookshop.  We are also a cultural centre.  We host intimate music concerts, art and photographic exhibitions.  We host meetings in our back rooms, talks in our front room.  We are open to hosting anything with a nod to creativity, books or the arts.  Please contact us for any information about renting the space for exhibitions, talks, meetings or anything else for that matter.  We sell select secondhand books, have live concerts, have art exhibitions, and rent out our space for anything from social meetings to shooting for film location.  Please send pergam@pergam.cat an email for any enquiries or visit us at Passatge de Sant Benet, 7, 08003, Barcelona.


I have the good fortune to be surrounded by a great group of professional and artistic poeple, here are some of there links…..

From the neighbourhood…

Working in the Red Woods Ceramics

La Candela Restaurant

Las Artes Sanas

En Aparté Tapas


Collaborators, etc…….

Frankie Malone, photography & design

Cathy Loughran, photographer

PMiC, Architecture

Marta Alonso Design

Robin Willis, Mouth Organist

Laura Gomara, Editor

Pau Guerrero, Artist



Antoniomazzei Music

Luiz Mura

Sabina Witt